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When you become an official Autism Friendly Location, we have the information and support you need to show the community how much you care.

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Individuals with autism are AOK! Life is more challenging, but we all have our share of challenges, right?

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Family Success Stories

My family went to Upper Crust Pizza on 91st Street. My son Noah and I got there a little early. We met my parents who brought my son Riley with them after his soccer practice. Noah gets very excited when we go out to dinner and long waits tend to be a big problem for us. Thankfully, when I called the restaurant ahead of time, they let me know about a cool app they have for smart phones called "no wait".  It's basically like calling ahead and putting your name on the list with about a twenty minute window. 

When we arrived, the staff recognized our I'M A-OK® t-shirts right away. They seated us in an extra large booth and made sure the spot was okay. I also brought along a favorite distraction for Noah, one of my cameras. It helps keep Noah occupied while we wait. All of our food was served promptly and with a smile. Noah was a bit tuned out at times, focusing on his iPad, but the staff still gave him their full attention. They were also extremely patient. Eating out and going anywhere busy can be trying. I am so thankful for Autism Friendly Locations and will probably only frequent those places from now on. 

 - Erin Janssen, mother of Noah, age 9

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