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Meet the Founders

Jennifer Sollars-Miller, Resource Director

Jennifer and her husband John are the parents of two beautiful, active children, Josh and Reagan. When Josh was diagnosed with autism at the age of three, it became Jennifer's passion to help families affected by neurological disorders and to keep children safe.

She currently serves Tulsa Area SafeKids Coalition as a parent advocate, spokesperson  and chairman of the Special Needs committee; and as a member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP). Jennifer is also a former member of the Saint Francis Family Advisory Council and Family Advisory Board for the National SafeKids Coalition in Washington D.C.

Jennifer is co-founder and resource director of Autism Center of Tulsa, a non-profit organization. She oversees business and financial management, including fundraising, grant writing and special events. She directs safety program initiatives; and works closely with the Program Director to create, develop and implement autism pilot programs. She has a degree in health promotion from Oklahoma State University.

Michelle Wilkerson, Program Director

Michelle and Brian Wilkerson are the proud parents of Austin and Ella. At age 2½, Austin was diagnosed with autism. Right away, Michelle and Brian enrolled Austin in early intervention programs and involved their whole family in early education programs for parents and siblings of children with autism.

Michelle is a member of Leadership Tulsa and served on the board of Town and Country School. She directed the TOPSoccer disabled soccer program for ten seasons while serving on the board of Metro Tulsa Soccer Club. She has also served on the Community Service Council Autism Task Force and Early Intervention Task Force, Oklahoma Combating Autism Leaderhip Team. She and Jennifer were named to Tulsa People Magazine's "40 Under 40 Movers and Shapers" in 2007. They both serve on the Oklahoma Family Interagency Autism Council.

As co-founder and program director of Autism Center of Tulsa, Michelle is responsible for program development and implementation as well as planning workshops and events. She works closely with community partners such as police departments, YMCA, libraries, sports franchises, movie theaters and others to bridge the gap between families affected by autism and opportunities for success and independence in the community. She is a graduate of Mississippi State University with a degree in psychology.