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I'M A-OK Safety ID

I'M A-OK Autism Safety Identification

Keeping children and adults with autism safe is paramount. Children and adults with autism often have no sense or an underdeveloped sense of personal safety. They take risks that other children and adults do not, such as wandering from caregivers, wandering from homes, crossing the street in a dangerous manner, and are attracted to water, but often do not have water safety skills. Dangerous wandering is the leading source of law enforcement contact. We offer resources, assistance, and safety ID products in our store to help families cope with the challenges of wandering prevention.

All First Responders in the Tulsa area have been trained to recognize our ICEdot I'M A-OK Autism Safety ID Wristband as the official autism identification for our city. 

Free I'M A-OK ID Card

To print out your own I'M A-OK ID card CLICK HERE.

First Responder Training

Children and adults with autism are up to seven times more likely to have contact with police and other public safety agencies.  

We partnered with the Tulsa Police Department in 2009 to produce an excellent series of training videos for use in the Tulsa Police Academy and other training settings. This is available for viewing upon request.

OSU Video

Oklahoma State University created the Autism Initiative for OSU events. To view the video CLICK HERE.

Seahawks Video

The Seattle Seahawks made their stadium autism friendly for their fans. To view the video CLICK HERE.